Causes of Dead Fish in the Aquarium

  • Causes of Dead Fish in the Aquarium

Some people think keeping ornamental fish in an aquarium is easy and light, but it's actually not that easy. When you find out a fish died without cause, this is certainly an annoying and frustrating thing. Fish actually have a relatively short lifespan. The average fish survives only 2-5 years with good health conditions.

However, ornamental fish can still die suddenly even though you have tried to maintain their health by providing nutritious food and keeping the aquarium clean. What is the cause?

Fish Experiencing Stress

Stress in fish is the main factor causing sudden death. The more stressed the fish, the more susceptible they are to disease. This stress can be caused by various disturbances from outside the aquarium, such as loud noise, unnecessary substrate replacement, too dirty water, or bullying from fellow fish in the aquarium.

Disturbing the fish by humans can also cause it stress. Overeating you may be worried if the fish is experiencing hunger, then feed it every time. However, actually overfeeding the fish is also so dangerous. First, the fish will only always eat as much as possible when given food, this will make it die of overfeeding. Secondly, the food that the fish did not eat will sink to the bottom of the aquarium, which leads to an increase in ammonia in the water. Ammonia is a chemical compound in the form of a sharp-smelling gas that can interfere with the health of fish.

Water Problems

Water conditions are also a problem that causes fish to die quickly. Dirty water will cause disease in fish. But cleaning it too much is not good either. Water changes need to be done at least once a week. This water change cannot be arbitrary either. Reporting from, adding water directly from the tap without treating it first can kill fish. So, settle the tap water for 1-2 days before putting it in the aquarium. In addition, water quality must also be considered, such as whether the pH of the water is suitable for ornamental fish that are kept or not.

In addition, maintaining the temperature of the water also needs to be done so that the fish are not cold. Poisoning air fresheners sprayed near the aquarium can get into the water and kill the fish.

Therefore, the chemicals contained in air fresheners when dissolved in water can poison fish. Similar items that can contaminate the water in an aquarium are aroma candles, glass cleaner, smoke, spray paint, aquarium cleaning soap left in the aquarium glass, and insect repellent.

Not only that, your hand hygiene also needs to be considered when you put your hands in the aquarium water where the fish are in it. The use of lotions and soap products before putting your hands in the aquarium can poison the fish. Preferably, you wash your hands using warm water instead of soap. If you are sure that the poison is really a risky thing, you can cover the surface of the aquarium with a board. However, keep a gap for oxygen to enter and install a water filter to help increase oxygen in the water.